Heritage Center Building Campaign

You don’t need anyone to remind you how important our agricultural and industrial heritage is in the American Midwest. You also don’t need anyone to point out how often that legacy gets overlooked these days. Too many young people cannot remember nor even appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship of our parents and grandparents. The farms and factories where they spent their working life are no longer recognized as being central to the fabric of our society. However, you do remember, and that’s why you understand it’s important this heritage is never forgotten.

You are receiving this appeal because of your interest in the Rumely and Allis-Chalmers Companies, or your connection to the community of LaPorte, Indiana – the home of these two proud firms. You may be a farmer, a tractor collector or a family member of someone who worked for Rumely or Allis-Chalmers. Or, you may be someone who wants LaPorte’s contribution to America and the world to be recognized. You may be all of the above.

The Rumely Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Corporation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the Rumely & Allis-Chalmers companies, as well as the role the LaPorte community played in their success.

The primary goal of the organization is to establish a museum at a site adjacent to the LaPorte County Fairgrounds, on property generously donated to the RALCHC by the County of LaPorte, Indiana.

The RACLHC Board has been working to secure this site, as well as several significant exhibits, for the past three years. Now it needs your help and support.

This museum would feature both stationary and working exhibits of Rumely and Allis-Chalmers Machinery, and serve as a repository for historical documents and literature associated with these two important companies. It will be a place to study, learn and celebrate the engineering and craftsmanship of the people who designed, built and used this equipment. It’s primary purpose will be to educate current and future generations about the heritage we share and history we love.

The Rumely Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, which means that contributions to the organization are fully tax deductible. Donations to the RACLHC building campaign are cumulative – you may make several smaller donations between now and the opening of the museum and be recognized for your total level of giving.

We know that you understand how important the preservation of our common heritage is. We believe that your connection to these companies and this community is important and deserving of permanent recognition. Whether you or a family member are someone who used this equipment in the fields, helped build it in the factory, or collects and exhibits it at shows, you will want to support this project.

Please complete and mail the bottom portion of this letter with your chosen level of support. For information regarding other types of tax deductible gifts or donations contact the RACLHC directly. We would also like to discuss with you the gift or loan of Rumely and Allis-Chalmers machinery, equipment, literature or other memorabilia for possible exhibit.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Rumely Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Corporation at (219) 369-1690, or by email:  More information can also be found at

Please send Sponsor donation form with your level of support to:
Rumely Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Center
P.O. Box 206 
LaPorte, IN 46352

For Online giving through the Unity Foundation, please visit this link